Brookstone Outdoor Smart Plug

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    Product Overview
    The Brookstone Outdoor Smart Plug gives you three outlets and is weatherproof for use outdoors. It connects to your existing Wi-Fi so there is no hub needed to connect. It also has a physical power button on the actual plug so you can turn it on and off manual if you like. You can control all outlets from the Brookstone Smart App or just ask Google or Alexa to control the plug via your smart speaker. You can even set the plug to schedules via the App to have complete automation.

    The smart plug is weatherproof so the elements will not effect it. Use it for your outdoor holiday decorations or just your everyday outdoor lighting. With the three outlets, it can handle multiple lights or extension cords plugged into it. There is also is also a loop near the plug so you can attach it to an exterior wall with a nail or screw to have in secure while outside in the elements.

    Product Features:

  • Control any device plugged into smart plug
  • Programmable with schedule
  • Controlled with phone app
  • Controlled with smart speaker via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Outdoor smart plug is weatherproof
  • Wi-Fi remote controlled
  • Includes Brookstone Outdoor Smart Plug
  • Warranty: 1 year limited