Clorox Splash-Less Fresh Meadow Scented Bleach, 3 pk.

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    Product Overview
    Clorox Splash-Less Bleach whitens, brightens and deodorizes, and provides 10X deep cleaning benefits in a no-splash formula leaving a fresh meadow scent. The Splash-less formula delivers a more controlled pour, resulting in a powerful clean but with less spilling and splashing. America’s #1 bleach is more concentrated so that you get more whitening and disinfecting power versus Clorox performance bleach1. Get more cleaning power per drop compared to Clorox disinfecting bleach2 and reduce the amount of bleach required for cleaning. Perfect for getting some serious cleaning done without worrying about spills or splashes, so power through dirt on household surfaces and whiten laundry with the bleach brand that you trust. Confidently remove tough stains from white clothing including red wine, grass, dirt and blood stains. It is safe for use in standard and HE washers. A little goes a long way with Clorox splash-less bleach.

    Product Features:

  • Get more cleaning power per drop with this concentrated formula with 50% more compact dose reducing the amount required for cleaning (compared to Clorox Disinfecting Bleach2)
  • More concentrated bleach with the same trusted Clorox clean, which makes it easier to pour and easier to use in HE machines with smaller dispensers
  • Get the whitest whites with this concentrated formula that is filtered three times to deliver the purest bleach to remove 70% more stains than detergents alone
  • Eliminates odor causing bacteria and prevents the build-up of odors, leaving your laundry with a long-lasting fragrance and the power of Clorox clean
  • America’s #1 bleach is splash-less and scented with a long-lasting fragrance and will leave your home and laundry smelling clean and wonderful

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