Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water, 6 pk./1 gallon

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    Product Overview
    Made in USA
    Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water is bottled at the source. There is not trucking from source to plant which ensures quality control in the production process. The sources are protected, which means there are no environmental hazards that border our property such as industrial sites or running waters (rivers, streams) that pass thru such potential environmentally hazardous sites. The Johnstown, NY source is located in the Adirondack Mountains which is protected by the state of New York. They use state of the art filtering systems which ensures consistent, clean product. They also use PET as our packaging material which ensures no airborne fumes or gases can penetrate to the product. As a company, Crystal Geyser have seven such protected sources, Olancha, CA, Shasta, CA, Norman, AR, Salem, SC, Benton, TN and Moultonborough, NH, as well as the Johnstown, NY facility. The one gallon PET plastic is very unique in that it is not a typical one gallon "milk jug" container. PET is durable and strong and provides a two year shelf life for the product. The one gallon is a terrific value in comparison to the smaller pack sizes that water normally comes in. To buy it by the case which is six bottles at a time is a sure way to maximize value.

    Product Features:

  • Natural spring water bottled directly from nature's source
  • No trucking to offsite bottling locations
  • PET plastic bottle secures freshness and quality
  • Includes six pack of 1-gallon natural Alpine spring water

  • (Model 075140125142)

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