HTH Super Shock, 15 pk./1 lbs.

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    Product Overview
    HTH Super Shock kills bacteria, destroys algae and delivers crystal clear results in 24 hours. This pool shock is fact acting, fast dissolving, and will not cause overstabilization either. One bag of Super Shock treats 13,500 gallon.

    This pack also includes 15 HTH 6-way test strips to test for total available chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness and Cyanuric Acid. You will always know when it's time to treat your pool. Simply match the colors shown on the strip with the key on the container to see your specific results.

    Product Features:

  • All-in-one treatment
  • Kills bacteria and destroys algae
  • Crystal clear results in 24 hours
  • Fast acting and fast dissolving
  • Will not cause overstabilization
  • One bag of shock treats 13,500 gallons
  • 6-way test strips
  • Test strips show total available Chlorine, Bromine, PH, total alkalinity, total hardness and Cyanuric Acid
  • Includes 15 1-lbs. pound bags of Super Shock and 15 test strips