Libby's Corned Beef, 3 pk./12 oz.

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    Product Overview
    Libby's Corned Beef is made from fine quality beef with savory seasoning. Whether you serve it with eggs, add it to salads or include it one of your favorite recipes, Libby's is ready to serve and will bring hearty homemade flavor to your dining table.

    Product Features:

  • Fine quality corned beef with savory seasoning
  • Can be sliced, fried, crumbled or cubed
  • Easily added to salads, casseroles, scrambled eggs or cooked potatoes
  • Homemade taste
  • 14g of protein per serving
  • 120 calories per serving
  • Fully cooked and ready to serve heated or chilled
  • Handy multi-pack
  • Product of Brazil
  • Includes three pack of 12-oz. corned beef cans

  • (Model 20014900550132)