Nexium 24HR Acid Reducer, 42 ct.

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    Product Overview
    Finally, The Purple Pill is now available nationwide without a prescription for the treatment of frequent heartburn. Nexium 24HR is the number 1 doctor-prescribed acid blocker brand* that blocks acid at the source. Just one pill gives you all-day and all-night protection from frequent heartburn. The active ingredient, esomeprazole magnesium, has been safely and effectively prescribed to millions of people over the last 10 years. Now one of the largest-selling prescription medications is available over the counter.

    Product Features:

  • Nexium 24HR works by blocking acid at the source
  • Number 1 doctor-prescribed acid blocker brand
  • One pill gives you 24 hours of protection from frequent heartburn
  • Active ingredient: esomeprazole magnesium
  • Use as directed, may take 1-4 days for full effect
  • Includes three 14-day courses of treatment (42 capsules total)

  • (Model 245043)

    *Based on IMS Health data: total Nexium prescription 2006-2013