Scrub Daddy XL Steam Clean BBQ Brush - Black

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    Product Overview
    Clean your dirty grill with the Scrub Daddy steam brush. This water-activated design cleans with the power of steam using Scrub Daddy’s sponge. Simply submerge the scrubbing head in cold water and apply it directly to your preheated grill at 300 degrees to let that steam melt the grime away. It doesn't matter what condition your grill is in; the Scrub Daddy steam brush can clean it. Don't worry about loose wire bristles anymore. This brush has got you covered. The flexible sponge is strong enough to scrub stubborn grime and soft enough to get in between the grates. The heavy-duty scraper is perfect for removing any grease buildup. Regardless of the grill type, the grill brush is efficient and safe for charcoal, smokers, kamado, electric grills, and much more. Every barbecue enthusiast needs a grill brush that cleans quickly and easily, keeping their grills ready for their next cookout.

    Product Features:

  • Heat grill to 300 degrees (do not exceed 350 degrees)
  • Submerge head in ice-cold water for best results
  • Fully saturate sponge and clean cooking grid
  • Stainless steel
  • Includes grill brush