Swift Boneless Pork Shoulder Butt, 7.25-9 lbs.

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    Product Overview
    Swift's Boneless Pork Shoulder Butt is a fatty and tender cut with a strong pork flavor. This cut can be smoked or slow-cooked in the oven for pulled pork perfect for carnitas, tacos, barbecue, and a variety of weekday and special occasion meals. It is at its best when cooked low and slow to bring out the rich pork flavor. Season this cut with your favorite wet or dry recipe, then cook in a shallow roasting pan, uncovered, at 275 degrees for 55 to 85 minutes per pound until the pork is tender. A Swift Boneless Pork Shoulder Butt can be cooked once and used for several different meals. The Swift brand ensures a quality product and consistent dining experience from pork produced in the United States.

    Product Features:

  • Great for pulled pork, carnitas, tacos or barbecue
  • Best when slow cooked
  • Boneless
  • Ready to cook or freeze
  • One Includes one Swift boneless pork shoulder butt, 7.25 lbs. to 9 lbs.



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