VRSE Batman/Jurassic Park Virtual Reality Headset Combo Pack

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    Product Overview
    Enjoy a rich virtual reality experience with BJ's exclusive Batman/Jurassic World Combo Pack. The pack provides a mobile and immersive gameplay that is compatible on iOS and Android so you can play anywhere. The 360° experience brings Jurassic World and Batman to life as you race, hide and fight your way through Isla Nublar and Gotham City. Each pack includes a virtual reality headset, motion game controller, and two game downloads.

    Product Features:

  • Get twice the virtual reality fun with this BJ's exclusive 2-pack
  • With multi-platform compatibility, VRSE mobile is playable on iOS and Android
  • Return to Isla Nublar for an intense new Jurassic World virtual reality (VR) gaming adventure
  • Use the game-themed motion controller to fend off hungry Velociraptors in the jungle or hold off a pursuing T-Rex as you speed towards the Visitor's Center
  • Use the included VR head-set and IR controller to race, hide and fight your way through the beautiful island of Isla Nublar
  • After the campaign, continue the adventure by using your skill, tools and a little bit of luck to fend off waves of predators
  • Become Batman in an all new VR gaming experience
  • The Joker has brought chaos and villainy to Gotham City, and it is up to you to train your skills at Wayne Tech and take to the streets to thwart this dangerous new plot
  • Use Batman's batarangs with the VR controller to take down enemies in Gotham City's shipyards
  • Take down waves of enemies in the Endless Arcade Mode and beat your personal best
  • Includes virtual reality headset, motion game controller, 2 controller attachments, 2 headset faceplates, safety strap, foam sticker inserts, instruction manual, 2 game downloads

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