Wellsley Farms Classic Pure Olive Oil, 2 pk./2L

Item: 292749
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    Product Overview
    Wellsley Farms Classic Pure Olive Oil 2 pk./2L is an item that contains olive oil from the only group with a relevant scale that controls every single step of the supply chain. Vertically integrated: From the land and farm to the packing and commercialization of the food products, we do have 100% traceability. The inspiration is to improve the nutrition of people all over the world, with sustainable food produced on the lands by the 75.000 families of farmers.

    Product Features:

  • All-natural. No artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Sustainaibly produced
  • Gluten-free, lactose-free & sugar-free. Low sodium
  • Healthy. Premium flavor and quality
  • Includes two PET jugs with dogbone carrier. Twinpack content: 4L (136 fl. oz.)


    Olive Oil

  • (Model 292749)