Wellsley Farms Spreadable Butter with Olive Oil, 30 oz.

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    Product Overview
    Wellsley Farms Spreadable Butter with Olive Oil is a highly functional version of butter. It is able to be spread immediately straight from the refrigerator even when cold, and does not require any thawing period like traditional butter. The cholesterol and saturated fat content of spreadable butter are also significantly lower than in traditional butter, providing a health benefit to the consumer. The olive oil is of Mediterranean origin, and the Mediterranean diet is famous for its health giving long life benefits. The combination of the light dairy taste of butter with the rich olive oil flavor creates a delightfully pleasing balanced blend, and allows the product to pair beautifully with a very wide variety of foods. The 30 oz. family sized tub provides convenience and value, and it has an in built tamper evident safety tab which provides maximum food security. Overall the product has much greater flavor than margarine without the functional difficulties of traditional butter.

    Product Features:

  • Easy to spread
  • Butter with olive oil blend
  • Spreadable even when cold
  • Made with Mediterranean olive oil
  • Large value size
  • Includes spreadable butter with olive oil, 30 oz.

  • Ingredients: Pasteurized Cream, Olive Oil, Salt.

    Product Warnings and Restrictions: Keep Refrigerated.

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