Zen Pro Wireless Gaming Controller - RED

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    Product Overview
    Zen Pro is the first wireless controller with a linear hall sensing joystick. New patented electromagnetic stick without any drift. Exclusive FPS mode, 100% no dead zone, solving the general painpoint of joysticks and is comprehensively ahead of other mainstream gamepads. Features very sensitive and smooth thumb sticks and supported stick sensitivity adjustment. The best alternative Switch controller that is compatible with Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED, Windows PC, Android IOS and macOS.

    Product Features:

  • With special AI Key, this wireless controller allows it to learn and record your operations (max. 10 minutes), and then it will auto run with hands free. This is perfect for any time-consuming repeated or quick actions. One-key setup for unique gaming skills and more playing options. New patented button, excellent conductive rubber feel
  • Zen pro controller supports rumble intensity adjustment (four-level vibration adjustment - the lowest level is no vibration). It gives you great game immersion in motion sensing video games, and in games with no original motion sense, especially FPS games on Windows PC. With six-axis gyroscope, it can detect the tilt of the controller and react quickly, making Switch motion-sensing games more fun
  • Quick interchange of A-B-X-Y for both semi-auto and auto rapid fire. Supports Switch console wake-up, vibration adjustment, wired/wireless connection. All setups done on the controller, no application or software needed. A true multi-platform controller
  • Enjoy your games with the high-speed wireless connection with no delays. Runs for up to 25 hours on a full charge without interruption. Almost no power consumption for standby. This controller will shut down in case of no button action within 10 minutes
  • Includes controller and USB-C cable