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Fresh Chicken Breasts Your Way

At BJ's Wholesale Club, you can purchase enough fresh chicken breasts for a week or for a month. Whether you buy in bulk to cook for a crowd or freeze your chicken breasts to ration out over time, BJ's is the best place to pick up your favorite brand of chicken. Whether you prefer grilled chicken breasts, pan-seared chicken dishes, or chicken as the feature in your favorite casserole, BJ's has the best selection for you. There are so many delicious and nutritious ways to prepare fresh poultry like savory stuffed chicken breasts or as a shredded substitute to your favorite pulled pork recipe. You can't go wrong with BJ's fresh chicken breasts.

Prepared Meals for Quick Weeknight Dinners

One of BJ's most convenient features is its wide selection of pre-made and frozen chicken varieties. Perfect for busy weeknights, you can purchase prepared stuffed chicken breasts as well as a variety of other delicious meals and have dinner served in no time. If you've got the time to whip up your favorite recipes or even new ones, be sure to pick up fresh poultry and enjoy delicious stuffed chicken breasts or other preparations today. While you're at it, be sure to check out our fresh produce aisles for delicious accompaniments to your stuffed chicken breast dinner.

Perdue's Vast Selection of Fresh and Prepared Chicken

If you're looking for an excellent selection of fresh and frozen poultry, take a look at Perdue chicken breast products. For all your fresh chicken needs, Perdue chicken breasts come in free-range, boneless, and thin varieties. If you prefer prepared Perdue chicken breasts, check out the frozen gluten-free nuggets, breaded nuggets, and breaded cutlets along with fully cooked carved chicken, popcorn chicken, and more.

Grilled Chicken Breast Recipes for Every Season

With bulk packages of fresh Perdue chicken breasts you can whip up delicious grilled chicken all year long. Prepare your favorite marinade or dry rub and your family will delight in quick and nutritious grilled chicken breasts in the blink of an eye. If you'd like to try a new grilled chicken breast recipe, check out this mouth-watering Fiery Chicken Kabob recipe.

If don't have a BJ's Membership, consider the risk-free one-day membership option, and pick up some delicious chicken breasts today.