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Benefits of Yogurt

Want to increase your protein intake without sacrificing your health? Yogurt is a delicious option available in rich chocolate, tart berry, and plenty of other fun flavors. Grab a prepackaged container for a snack on the go, or get a big tub of probiotic yogurt to add to your favorite recipes.

Choosing Between Regular and Greek Yogurt

Regular and Greek yogurt are two of the most popular types. Both are types of probiotic yogurt that contain plenty of beneficial microorganisms. The main difference is simply that the excess moisture in Greek yogurt is strained off before the yogurt is packaged. This means that options like Chobani yogurt are thicker and creamier. Greek yogurt tends to have more protein and less sugar than regular, but regular yogurt will have more calcium.

How to Add Yogurt to Your Snacks and Meals

Yogurt can be a quick and healthy treat when you eat a tasty Chobani yogurt on its own, but that is not the only use for yogurt. It is also an ideal ingredient for a variety of sweet and savory recipes. Tangy, plain probiotic yogurt makes a flavorful tzatziki dip and works well as an addition in curries. Flavored options like Chobani yogurt are a tasty granola topping or an excellent add-in for smoothies.

Both regular and Greek yogurt are also very helpful when baking. They add moisture and flavor, and the acidity can help certain types of dough to rise. You can make muffins, cakes, and bread with probiotic yogurt.

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