One fee. Then free.

Shop, schedule & get groceries delivered in as little as 2 hours* for FREE** when you purchase a Same-Day Select add-on.

Minimum purchase of $60. Same-Day Delivery is not available in all zip codes.

Same-Day Select: Unlimited

Unlimited free Same-Day Deliveries over 12 months priced at $100.

Same-Day Select: Multipack

12 Free Same-Day Deliveries over 12 months priced at $55.

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Asked Questions

Same-Day Select is a Membership add-on you can purchase which gives you FREE** Same-Day Delivery from and the BJ’s App. Your groceries and household essentials will be at your door in as little as 2 hours*, all at the low in-Club prices you love. Same-Day Select delivery orders are fulfilled by a third-party shopping vendor, a trusted home delivery service.

Yes, you must have an BJ’s Membership to purchase and use this add-on.

BJ’s Same-Day Select add-on price varies by the package you purchase. Members can purchase unlimited delivery over 12 months for $100, or 12 deliveries over 12 months for $55.

Please note, our third-party shoppers deeply appreciate your acknowledgment and gracious tips for their care and attention to your order. 100% of tips are passed along to your shopper.

Same-day Select is available for all Primary and Household Members. Same-Day Delivery availability and pricing may vary by location. You can double-check your ZIP code eligibility by entering it on

Once you have purchased Same-Day Select you will receive a confirmation email that you have enrolled in the program.

After enrollment, you will be able to view additional details on your Member profile on

Once purchased, this Membership add-on is good for 12 months. If your Membership expires during this time, the remaining months of your Same-Day Select add-on will be available once you renew your online account. However, the add-on will expire 12 months after purchase even if you do not renew your online account. Your membership expiration date is the last day of the month and year shown on your register receipts and on your “My Account” page on

It’s easy! Visit HERE using a browser on your computer, mobile device or tablet! You can schedule a convenient time, pick an availability later in the day or later the same week.

Add digital coupons to your Membership account quickly and easily by going to the Coupons section on the top navigation bar and clicking "CLIP" on the coupon you choose. You can also clip digital coupons from the product description pages before you add to the cart. View all applied coupon savings in the cart when you are ready to schedule and check out your Same-Day Delivery order.

Delivery is available for Same-Day Select orders of $60 or more.

Please call 1-800‑257‑2582 for assistance with your Same-Day Select delivery order. This is a line for Members enrolled in this program.

All grocery items, including Fresh and everyday essential household supplies, are available for Delivery through Same-Day Select.* Eligible items may vary depending on your location.

We accept all major U.S. credit and debit cards, including BJ’s Mastercard. In select locations, EBT cards are accepted for SNAP EBT eligible items.

For assistance with your order, please call our assistance line at 1-800‑257‑2582.. If you need to return your order or an item in your order, you can return it to your nearest BJ’s Wholesale Club.

To cancel Same-Day Select, please call our assistance line at 1-800‑257‑2582.

Our third-party shoppers have implemented no-contact deliveries. Shoppers receive gloves and face masks at their local BJ’s Clubs. Our third-party shoppers also have sent individual safety kits, including gloves and hand sanitizer, to their most active shoppers and those in high-risk areas.

*Terms & Conditions apply.
**Plus taxes where applicable. Terms & Conditions apply.