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Your Best Rest Begins at BJ’s – Mattress Buying Guide

None of us are built the same and because of that, none of us ever sleep the same way.  Here at BJ’s, we believe that you should get the best sleep every night so you can be your best every day. We are here to help you navigate all your sleep needs and connect you to the right mattress features that will help you get the best sleep of your life.


Berkley Jensen® Mattresses

We worked with the best manufacturers in the mattress industry to create the Berkley Jensen® mattress collection that has something for everyone. When it comes to the Berkley Jensen line, our buying teams have hand-picked covers and components that offer a great night’s sleep at an equally great value.


What size mattress do you need?

There are several factors to choosing the right mattress size, the size of your room, how many people (and animals) are sleeping on it, existing furniture and your budget.

Measuring your room and existing furniture before shopping will allow you to make sure that a new mattress will fit in an existing space. See the infographic above for easy reference of each mattress size.

Sleep the whole family with a California king. Queen and King sizes are typically associated with multiple sleepers, while twin, twin XL and full are most often associated with one sleeper. 

Shopping for a new mattress is a great time to upgrade to a larger size, perhaps moving your current master bedroom set into the spare bedroom etc., however larger mattresses will naturally be more expensive so use this guide to find a great balance between size and budget for you!


What mattress firmness do you want?

Whether you prefer a mattress that’s soft as a cloud or as firm as the floor, a quality mattress should always provide proper support for your body while you sleep. When considering what mattress density is right for you, first consider how you sleep or better yet how you fall asleep.

All of our mattresses will fall into a 5-point feel scale from ultra-soft to ultra-firm and everything in between. When choosing your perfect mattress, consider what you love about a great mattress and how you sleep on it. Remember, you will be the first person to ever lay on your new mattress, so you should expect it to be slightly firmer for the first few weeks and your body will also need to adjust to a new sleeping surface so don’t be alarmed when your mattress ‘breaks-in’ to its ideal feel.

Stomach Sleepers (Firm to Extra Firm)

While this is the least common sleep position, stomach sleepers are looking for ample support to keep them from sinking too deeply into a mattress but enough softness to allow them to turn their heads without strain.

Back Sleepers (Medium to Firm)

A great position for natural alignment and distributing your weight across your frame, back sleeper often prefers a medium or firm mattress that supports their lower back without sinking into the mattress.

Side Sleepers (Extra Soft to Soft or Medium)

The most common sleeping position, whether on your right or left side, curling up feels natural and can even help with snoring. Many side sleepers use additional pillows to alleviate pressure on their hips and shoulders, but an extra soft more contouring mattress can assist in that alignment as well.


What type of mattress is right for you?

Traditional (Innerspring)

Mattress technology has come a long way and we are all experienced with innerspring mattresses, considered a traditional mattress. Innerspring mattresses are constructed of metal coil springs with several layers of padding including natural cottons and supportive foams. This design offers a surface that you sleep more on top of with a buoyant feel and more bounce.

Memory Foam

Made popular by its introduction from NASA and used for its pressure-relieving benefits, memory foam was adapted decades ago for use in mattresses, offering great spinal alignment, pressure relief and reduced motion. Memory foam mattresses offer a more contouring surface that you sleep more in and very little bounce.

Gel Memory Foam 

Gel Memory Foam Mattress have the features of traditional memory foam surfaces, only gel memory foam contains a temperature-controlling ingredient that is mixed with millions of tiny liquid gel beads to make the sleeping surface cooler and more flexible. This gel memory foam mattress is a new technology in the sleeping world that helps reduce excess heat which any complaint about with memory foam. It also works to increase airflow to keep it cool. 


The name speaks for itself, hybrid mattresses have become very popular over the past decade offering a mixture of the traditional mattress bounce with the pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam. These mattresses use dense innersprings with an equal layer of memory foam and premium foams to create a ‘hybrid’ feel. 

All these exciting layers also affect the height of a mattress, with the addition of different layers that offer comfort and support, mattresses can often reach heights of 14-17 inches which should be considered when placing them into an existing bedframe, also they may require ‘deep pocket’ linens that will allow the mattress components to function properly.


Which base is right for your mattress?

All mattresses need to be placed on a flat and supportive base. Some mattresses, like innerspring, can be placed directly on a slatted surface while mattresses like memory foam will require a solid surface like a platform bed or foundation.


Foundations are not only a great support to the performance of your new mattress, but they also can help adjust the height of your new mattress.

Adjustable Bases

Adjustable bases add additional features to your traditional sleep surface, allowing you to adjust the head and foot sections of your mattress to watch TV, read and ultimately relax by promoting easier breathing and increased blood circulation.


Which mattress features are you looking for?

Berkley Jensen® mattresses offer benefits that address a number of specific needs. Each mattress is thoroughly tested & expertly built with features that address your individual needs. There are different types of mattresses with features for different types of sleepers. Berkley Jensen offers more basic and therefore more affordable mattresses, as well as mattresses with more technical features that often come with a higher price tag. BJ's has worked very hard with our vendor partners to offer the most to our members at an amazing value, so you don’t have to choose between what you need and what you want to spend.

Motion Separation

Being disturbed by the movement of a partner, child or pet during the night is never desirable for anyone. Memory foam and hybrid mattresses address this by the nature of their construction. Mattress with this feature absorbs movement like that classic TV commercial featuring a person jumping with a wine glass on the bed. No spills, no disturbed sleep.

Pressure Relief

Pressure is an instigator that causes tossing and turning when our bodies feel ‘pushed against’ and blood circulation is challenged. Our natural reaction is to move, often affecting our sleep. Mattresses with more comfort materials like memory foam or pillow tops are great at helping sleepers avoid pressure points and get more undisturbed sleep.

Sleeping Hot

Many sleepers have a hard time finding a balance between warm and cozy and blazing hot. Experts suggest starting with your room environment and bed coverings, but mattress technology has quite a few answers as well. Look for mattresses with natural cooling fibers or cooling features that help to regulate your temperature throughout the night.

Edge Support

The outside edges of your mattress are built to offer additional support so that when you sit on a bed or lay close to the edge, you are fully supported. Foam encasements and additional coils are incorporated to offer this support.


What's the easiest way to get my mattress home?

We understand that transporting and disposing of a heavy mattress isn't always simple, especially if you live alone or have limited mobility. BJ's offers a handful of services to make sure your new mattress arrives safely and that you are satisfied. 

Ship it Home

Have your mattress delivered to your door for FREE. Get free shipping on all mattresses or select White Glove Delivery+* directly to your bedroom. Our White Glove Delivery+ service* includes in-home delivery, basic set-up and removal of your old mattress and box spring. This service is available for all Sealy, Stearns and Foster, Tempurpedic and Berkley Jensen items (Bed-in-a-box is excluded).

Buy Now, Pay Later Payment Plans

Turn big price tags into smaller, easier-to-manage monthly payments with BJ's Buy Now, Pay Later. BJ’s offers a flexible, payment option financed through Citizens Pay®, that allows BJ’s Members to apply for a monthly flat-rate installment plan on individual items or carts over $99. Simply add an item that cost $99 or more or build a cart worth a minimum of $99 and checkout. Select Citizens Pay® under the payment section and enter your information. Choose your payment terms and submit your order to make your purchase. Terms apply.

BJ’s Curbside Pickup

Let us do the heavy lifting and bring your new mattress right to your vehicle. Ready for pickup in as little as 2 hours. Explore our online selection and select “Pickup” to schedule your pickup time. You’ll be notified when your order is ready and when you check in at your local club location, we’ll bring it right out to your vehicle.

Easy return policy and warranty

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on our own Berkley Jensen mattresses. We would refund at any point in time if members weren’t satisfied. If they are opened, we do not take them back in club to prevent the spreading of bed bugs. We also have no easy way to dispose of them. If unopened and sealed, we can take it back to the club if under 1 year from the sale date. More information on Return Policy can be found here.

*Berkley Jensen® mattresses have been proudly designed, carefully assembled, and thoroughly tested, right here in the USA. Rest easy knowing, all Berkley Jensen® mattresses meet CertiPUR-US® standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability.