Clorox Pool & Spa Algaecide + Clarifier, 2 gal.

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    Product Overview
    Clorox Pool & Spa Algaecide + Clarifier prevents and treats pool algae and includes a built-in clarifier to keep water clear. Being one step ahead of algae is crucial because as algae grows, chlorine must work harder to keep your pool clean. Use as a preventative pool algaecide weekly to keep algae at bay and your water crystal clear. Always apply chemicals according to label directions. Circulating pool water when applying chemicals helps disperse chemicals throughout the pool for maximum coverage.

    Product Features:

  • Kills and prevents all types of pool algae, including green, mustard, and black
  • Effective green pool algae preventative with built-in clarifier
  • Non-foaming formula
  • Results in 24 hours
  • Prevents and treats pool algae
  • Includes two gal. of algaecide with clarifier

  • (Model 44128CLX)