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Never Go Without a Phone Charger

When you purchase your new iPhone and you're ready to walk out the door, hold on! Don't forget that you need mobile accessories to protect your purchase, such as covers, an iPhone wireless charger, or a new charging cable to keep it powered up. Cell phone manufacturers might not include very many free accessories anymore, but BJ's Wholesale Club has you covered when it comes to mobile accessories!

Don't Forget Your Phone Charger

If you have a fraying charging cable and a charging unit that barely works, you're not alone. Luckily, you can stock up on backup chargers just in case your main unit stops working right before a Zoom call with your co-workers. Everyone's been in the awkward situation where they have to ask somebody else for a phone charger since they're low on battery. With a backup charger, you'll never have to be in that situation ever again!

The iPhone Wireless Charger

Wireless charging technology is all the rage when it comes to phone accessories. What could be easier than simply setting your phone down on a charging surface to get a full battery? It's certainly a lot more convenient to have an iPhone wireless charger when you consider how many charging cables you go through in a year.

iPhone wireless chargers utilize an induction coil to charge the phone without the need for a cable to connect the phone to the unit. Your typical phone charger needs to plug into a USB, USB-C, or Lightning port, but a wireless phone charger's induction coil makes this unnecessary.

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