Organic Milk


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Taste the Goodness of Organic Milk

When you want the best for your family, give them the goodness of farm-fresh organic milk. Rich, creamy and delicious, grass-fed milk tastes amazing. Grass-fed milk has a distinctive flavor that's the closest you'll get to drinking it fresh from the dairy.

Grass-Fed Organic Milk Is Naturally Delicious

You can feel good about giving your family grass-fed milk that comes from happy cows who are allowed to graze freely the way nature intended. Choosing organic milk shows you care about animals and the earth. Our dairy suppliers produce milk that's certified organic.

Add Flavor to Every Day

Use grass-fed milk to make everything taste better. Grass-fed milk turns an ordinary breakfast into your favorite meal of the day. Organic whole milk adds richness and creamy texture to soups, chowders, smoothies and sauces. Use organic milk in all your baking to create amazing pies, cakes and brownies. Kids love milk, so give them the fresh, wholesome goodness of grass-fed organic milk every day.

Use organic whole milk as part of a delicious breakfast. It goes perfectly with farm-fresh organic eggs, fresh bread, butter and coffee. You can buy all these items at BJ's. Grass-fed organic milk is a match made in heaven with baked goodies.

Free of Harmful Additives

Organic whole milk contains no hormones, antibiotics or GMOs. These ingredients don't come from cows, and our dairy suppliers don't put anything in their organic milk that doesn't come from nature. You won't get any chemicals, preservatives, sugars or artificial colors. What you will get, though, is more nutrition. Grass-fed organic milk is high in healthy fatty acids, probiotics and vitamin D.

Our organic milk selections include chocolate milk, vanilla milk and lactose-free organic whole milk. Organic half-and-half products will make your coffee taste amazing. We also have nondairy options like oat milk and coconut milk. Buy all these wonderful organic milks at substantial savings when you join BJ's Wholesale Club.