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Spice Up Your Taco Tuesday with 4 Unique Taco Recipes

Make Tuesday exciting with a not-your-average taco dinner! Have your family looking forward to dinner-time each week with 4 unique taco-flavor inspired recipes they’ll love. At BJ’s Wholesale, you can look forward to fresh new finds, great savings and quality ingredients every day of the week.

Taco Casserole

When you’re craving a loaded, cheesy taco dinner, this super easy casserole is the answer. Take and bake this Taco Tuesday dish to your friend or family’s house to be the hero of the fiesta. Recipe serves 6 and takes about 10 minutes of prep time for 20 total minutes until dinner time.

Taco Casserole

Pillsbury Grands™ Easy Taco Melts

These tasty taco pockets are a fun and deliciously-flakey take on the classic taco. You and your little chefs can bond over pressing, folding and transforming their favorite Pillsbury Grands™ biscuits into their new favorite Tuesday night treat. Recipe makes 8 servings and takes about 20 minutes of prep time for 35 minutes total until mealtime.

Grands Easy Taco Melts

Freezer-to-Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup

This taco-flavor inspired meal-prep soup is the answer to the notorious question of “What’s for dinner?”. Bag up the ingredients and freeze for an emergency Taco Tuesday meal kit. Recipes serves 8 and takes about 15 minutes of prep time. Dump your soup ingredients into a slow cook on a Tuesday morning and 6-8 hours later, you’ll have dinner.

Freezer-to-Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup

Meatless Taco Chill

This hearty and nutritious vegetarian chili will keep your family full even past desert-time cravings. It’s a great kitchen-counter slow cooker recipe your family can go back to for lunch and dinner. Recipe makes 8 servings and takes about 20 minutes to prep for 40 total minutes until mealtime.

Meatless Taco Chili

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