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A Variety of Spring Water Choices at BJ's

Spring water tends to have a fresh, clean taste and naturally occurring minerals. You can buy large cases from BJ's Wholesale Club at low prices to get plenty of water for you and your family. We carry several top brands in differing sizes so that you can find the right packs for your needs.


Sourced from the French Alps, Evian is a popular brand for its refreshing taste. Evian Natural Spring Water goes through a natural filtering process and contains minerals. Rather than buying the bottles separately, you can save money on a 12 pack of 1-liter bottles at BJ's Wholesale Club.

Deer Park

Deer Park is another popular brand of spring water that tastes good and is inexpensive. We have a 40 pack of 0.5-liter bottles available at BJ's. Deer Park's water comes from numerous springs that have naturally occurring minerals within. We also have a 48 pack of 8-ounce bottles available if your family prefers smaller sizes. If you're looking for gallon-sized containers, we have options in 1-gallon and 2.5-gallon packs.

Does anyone in your family play sports? We stock Deer Park Natural Spring Water with Sports Caps. You can quickly hydrate on the field or the court without needing to unscrew a cap.


Zephyrhills sources their spring water from Florida. It has naturally occurring minerals and a fresh, crisp taste. We have 40 packs and 28 packs. We also have a six pack of the gallon size and a two pack of 2.5-gallons.

Flavored Spring Water

At BJ's Wholesale Club, you can also get good deals on flavored sparkling spring water. Brands we carry include Deer Park, Zephyrhills and Poland Spring. They come in 24 packs of 16-ounce bottles and in assorted flavors like cherry, orange and lime.

Whether you're stocking up for emergency supplies or routinely buying water for your everyday needs, we have high-quality and affordable options in spring water. With a BJ's Membership, you'll save money and have access to additional perks. Sign up today.