Skylar Rae Cherries, 1 lb.

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    Skylar Rae Cherries are not only super sweet, but they have a unique flavor and firmness that truly out stands and leaves you begging for their return each season. Skylar Rae cherries are believed to be a cross between a Rainier cherry and a Sweetheart cherry. The difference from Rainiers in that they have a thicker outer skin, that gives them more bite - something rarely seen in the lighter colored cherries. They also do not bruise as easy as Rainiers, which is a huge advantage when getting them safely home. Bright, blushing and beautiful these cherries have a flavor that is completely unique, balancing the syrupy sweetness found in super sweet Rainier cherries with a perfectly balanced acidity that produces an absolutely delicious eating experience. Cherries are recognized for their anti-inflammatory properties. They are often used to provide relief from pain, to help with sleep, improve muscle recovery and even known to treat gout.

    Product Features:

  • Fresh, sweet and firm cherries
  • Healthy snacking
  • Summer fruit
  • Vitamin C
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Includes fresh Skylar Rae cherries, 1 lb.